Keeran School of Bible & Ministry

Our Mission

“The mission of the Keeran School of Bible and Ministry is to enlist, educate and equip missional leaders empowered by biblical authority and worldview to advance the purposes of God for the benefit of his church and its mobilization of disciples in response to the Great Commission.”

Our Vision

“The Keeran School of Bible and Ministry will collaborate with the church in support of its global mission by providing innovative and relevant educational solutions at the undergraduate and graduate level that are informed by, and in alignment with the discipleship development needs and missional initiatives of the church locally and around the world. We will do this by working together with our church stakeholders as partners, to identify, develop, and implement educational solutions that are affordable, accessible, and of high academic and professional quality.”


Kentucky Christian University holds applicant status for programmatic accreditation with the Association for Biblical Higher Education Commission on Accreditation (5850 T. G. Lee Blvd., Ste. 130, Orlando, FL 32822, 407.207.0808). Applicant status is a pre-membership status granted to those programs that meet the ABHE Conditions of Eligibility for Programmatic Accreditation and that possess such qualities as may provide a basis for achieving programmatic accreditation with ABHE.



Why Ministry at 网赌最好最大平台?

Academic Excellence

  • Bible and Ministry faculty possess more than 150 accumulated years of ministry experience.
  • More than 80% of Bible and Ministry faculty hold a doctorate degree in their field providing direct access to expertise and quality teaching.
  • Bible and Ministry curricula are academically rigorous and designed to equip students for the practice of ministry as well as the development of personal spiritual discipline.
  • Bible and Ministry classes serve as invitations to enter into deep intellectual and spiritual relationships with great thinkers and effective minister practitioners.
  • Faculty care deeply about each student and are passionate about the subjects they teach.

Great Opportunities for Service

  • Youth and Children Ministers are in great demand and have numerous opportunities for service.
  • 网赌最好最大平台 trained Music Ministers are highly sought after and have experienced long successful tenures in their service to the local church.

What can I do with a degree in Ministry?

We define vocation as a “calling”. It means your career choice grows out of who you really are deep down inside and reflects what God is asking you to do for Him.

网赌最好最大平台’s School of Bible and Ministry offers preparation for vocational ministry in the following areas:

  • Advanced Biblical Studies
  • Preaching
  • Youth (Jr. & Sr. High)
  • Children
  • Family Life
  • Small Groups
  • Worship
  • Christian Education
  • Missions
  • Church Planting
  • Church Administration
  • Camp Management

Christ-Centered Vision

“The Christ-centered vision of 网赌最好最大平台 both connected me with people whose influence has shaped me to this day and gave me a foundation in ministry-effectiveness for which I am extremely thankful.”

Kyle Davies, Class of 2013 & 2015

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